Wi-Fi & network installation

We plan, design, integrate and maintain Wi-Fi networks and core infrastruture

Our service


Using advanced tools we offer Wi-Fi surveys that cover Wi-Fi coverage, access point locations, interference, network cabling requirements, user control, bandwidth recommendations, and high-density recommendations,


We are able to advise on your wireless strategy, choosing the appropriate technologies and architecture for an efficient ROI, procurement, network design and deployment processes.

Network design

Offering a wide scope design to incorporate: CAT5/CAT6 and complex fibre installations for the core of your network, considerations for routing, redundancy, topology, capacity and more.


Our cabling services cover full building Cat5e/Cat6/Cat7/Fibre installs, including bespoke long distance cabling. We offer a free on-site review and provide information on recommended procedures and products prior to the delivery of any install.


Our remote office tools have been deployed to provide satellite office connections, building-to-building up to 10 miles, VPN's, MAN's, and Fibre connections.

Remote & on-site management

We offer a wide range of management options from remote services to direct on-site support.

Security & compliance

We provide complete security analysis reports of your internal and external security, including recommendations, fixes and inclusive of regulatory reporting such as GDPR.

User portals & payments

We're able to facilitate a wide range of portals and logins, from standard access to token, payment and social login portals. We able to provide tiered access via payment or other schemes such as limiting bandwidth or time online.

Failover & 3G/4G Backup

Our installs can be backed up using our Agility product to ensure a stable and seamless connection, should anything happen to the main internet connection.