What we do

MLC Computing provides a comprehensive and flexible range of IT support services and products.
We're based in West Yorkshire and provide services across the UK.
Our customers include small to medium businesses, schools, charities, and government departments.

Our work in action

NHS Digital Events

We're currently working with the NHS Digital events team to provide on-site assistance and build tools such as bespoke online portals (as seen here: nhsdigitalevents.co.uk), and interactive elements.

We're producing interactive robot's and using NFC technology to display content, videos, and direct users to online portals & feedback forms.

DWP Interactive Event

We've been working at multiple DWP corporate events to help make them more interactive for the delegates. We've deployed secure in-house iPad interactive features such as: shared comments/questions, photo upload, shared documents, quiz features, voting and more. We've then been able to display this information on the big screen.

Clients moving office

We've been helping 3 clients move office this last 6 months, we've provided a wide array of services from setting up their current infrastructure in their new environment, through to installing new patch panels, new cabling structures, and the provisioning of new phone and CCTV systems.

Supplying remote internet and Wi-Fi

We've been using our Agility product to help over 200 people get online out in the middle of a field recently. Due to the location and temporary need, the installation of a hard wired internet connection was not viable. We supplied and managed a stable and secure 70Mbps 4G connection, pushed out via our enterprise Wi-Fi access points for the day allowing a seamless event to take place.