About Us

Operating within West Yorkshire since 2011, we're a small team providing IT services and products. Our customers include small to medium businesses, schools, charities, and government departments.

Our core services include tailored support services to local businesses such as email hosting, on-site support, website design, and cloud services.

Our service expands to the events industry, where we provide interactive tools, Live Streaming, among various event tools such as delegate registration, badging/scanning systems, attendance systems, portals, and feedback systems.

We continue to innovate and provide a further wide range of products such as Agility, our latest product that provides a mobile internet connection in some of the hardest to reach places. We're able to couple this service with our Wi-Fi kits to produce a network to your specification.

Who we work with

We've had the fantastic opportunity of working with some of the largest government departments in the UK, whilst working with a wide range of small to medium businesses.