Live Streaming

Reliable and stable delivery of your event to a global audience


Using only the best technology, our live video streams are the best way to deliver your message to thousands of viewers.
We can work with your AV team or provide our own to deliver crisp HD video across multiple platforms such as YouTube, Livestream and our own CDN’s. All of which can be incorporated into your website, or websites/portals can be provided.

HD and Ultra HD Streaming

Looking for the best streaming quality? - We're able to stream in 720p, full HD at 1080p right through to 4K.

Multiple Cameras

Using multiple cameras makes your stream look dynamic and interesting with higher quality production values. When an event is streamed with multiple cameras, we will be able to choose the best footage from a number of angles – particularly important if the event has a lively Q&A session or fast paced debate.

Content and Feeds

We're able to incorporate multiple picture-in-picture style outputs giving you the opportunity to include a crisp display of your presentation, an online/PC demo, multiple camera angles, or even a Skype call.

360 Degrees

Using a 360 degree camera your event takes on a whole new dynamic, viewers are able to change their view at any time to any point in the room, just as if they were actually there. Imagine being able to see the presenters and then be able to see the audience members during a Q&A session or discussion.


All our live streams are recorded, and all the footage is yours. - Need to host the recording for some time after the event? we can help with that too.

Repeater displays

Using repeater displays around a large room, or even separate break out rooms makes sure your audience can always stay in the loop. A mixture of content such as the main presentation or display feeds can be shown.

Real-Time Analytics

We can give you moment by moment statistics on your stream such as Watch Time, Audience Retention, Demographics, Playback Locations, Traffic Sources and Devices.

Online portals & Logins

Our online portals can provide a fully customised front to your live stream, with options such as Chat/Comment/Question facilities, User Login/Registration, Password Protection, Download areas, Further information or status pages.

3G/4G Backup

Our live streams can be backed up using our Agility product to ensure a stable and seamless output, should anything happen to the venue internet connection.