Interactive Event Services

Our EventVoting product aims to make presentations more interactive and engaging for audience members by using mobile devices to project your ideas further.

What is EventVoting?

Event Voting is a set of interactive tools that bring interactive features such as Voting, Live comment/questions, Thumb Voting, Photo Upload, Live slide viewing, and presentation downloads. EventVoting works completely web-based, requires little to no setup and can be used at almost any event or venue.

How can it be used?

EventVoting is designed to be used at any event where interactivity would help engage the audience. Take for example a traditional company conference with a PowerPoint being delivered. EventVoting can put elements such as voting directly into slides, users vote via their devices (Phones, iPads, Laptops) and see results come to life, in real time on the big screen. Whilst allowing delegates to send comments and questions directly to the presenter or to a support team.

EventVoting can live stream the presentation as it is being delivered, due to the nature of the product being web based, users can login remotely in any part of the world.

EventVoting has a wealth of other features and adaptions that can be incorporated to any event, such as event surveys, photo uploading, quiz elements, downloads, and portals. Please see below to find out more.

To find out more about this product please visit the dedicated EventVoting website.

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Event Services and Tools

Our wide range of IT event tools helps create a seamless approach to functions such as event registration or badge scanning.

Delegate Registration

We design and manage on-line conference delegate registration systems. Delegates can sign up for workshops/tutorials, book tickets for social events and more. Confirmations are sent immediately and delegates can access their booking information at any point to make changes or to remind themselves of what they signed up for.

Badging and Scanning Systems

We can offer a wide variety of badging systems from self-print to on-site printing, our scanners are flexible, wireless, and have a multitude of features such as registration, at-a-point scanning, and security. We also offer the option of using smart card technology on the delegate name badge which allows us to track delegate details for statistical data. E.G. visiting the exhibition area as well as monitoring which delegates attend break out sessions or booths.

Attendance Systems

We produce bespoke attendance systems that can be independent of any scanning or registration, such as iPad sign-in and interactive scanning.

Online Portals

We can produce portals and landing pages for events, from direct links or for hosted downloads, such as QR Scanning, NFC Reading and URL visits.

Feedback Systems

We can produce online feedback systems that can be automatically sent out to delegates that have arrived, via SMS or email. Bespoke dashboards and statistics are available for administrators.

SMS/Email & Notification Systems

We produce bespoke SMS/Email output systems such as email marketing, registration follow-ups, delegate arrival messages, and feedback/survey requests.