Wi-Fi & Mobile Internet

Our Agility product provides bespoke Wi-Fi solutions and Mobile Internet

Agility brings together the best of our Wi-Fi solutions and our mobile internet devices. Agility enables hundreds of users to connect to a Wi-Fi or physical connection to the internet, in hard to reach places. Agility works over 3G/4G UK networks to bring up to 100Mbps connection speeds, or over 300Mbps by load-balancing or teaming multiple providers, all designed to work in areas where there is no landline, cables, or even power available.

Agility is perfect for: Festivals, Exhibitions, Conferences, Product Launches, Tours, Venues, and New Premises

Wi-Fi Solutions

We specialise in the design, installation, security and management of bespoke Wi-Fi and fixed networks. Regardless of the size of your business, we offer the products and expertise to help you get connected with a network that’s just right for you. We survey density, user, security, bandwidth requirements, and application to ensure that you’re provided with a fast, stable and secure Wi-Fi and internet connectivity. We're teamed up with some of the best hardware providers on the market such as Cisco & Ruckus, and have a vast array of management options from on-site to the cloud.

Key features of our Wi-Fi

  • Full setup and equipment provided
  • Quick installation and removal
  • Client data collection
  • Bespoke advertising/redirect links
  • Wide range of hardware available
  • Fully independent networks
  • Works with existing equipment

Mobile Internet

We use leading edge 3G/4G routers with advanced antenna configurations to bring mobile internet to hard to reach places. Our mobile internet can provide up to 100Mbps connection speeds, or over 300Mbps by load-balancing or teaming multiple providers. Connections are unrestricted and can be used with any standard networking equipment such as firewalls, routers, switches, and access points.

Key features of our Mobile Internet

  • Available throughout the UK
  • Backup & Redundancy available
  • Quick installation and removal
  • High Reliability
  • Full setup and equipment provided
  • Contracts with all major UK providers
  • Load Balancing with other providers/systems

Use Cases & Examples

Outdoor Event

We've been using our Agility product to help over 200 people get online out in the middle of a field recently. Due to the location and temporary need, the installation of a hard wired internet connection was not viable. We supplied and managed a stable and secure 70Mbps 4G connection, pushed out via our enterprise Wi-Fi access points for the day allowing a seamless event to take place.

Indoor Exhibition Hall

During a recent Exhibition based in Birmingham, on-site internet costs were in the region of £1,200 for a one-day event. Agility helped provide a dedicated 4G connection, using a single wireless access point for up to 25 users. Agility was able to save over 50% on the event cost, whilst providing a stable 45Mbps connection with no port blocking or connection limits.

Moving Office

During a recent small-business move, although every effort to install a FTTC internet connection in the new premises were made, the connection was not operational in time for the move in date due to provider issues. Agility provided a 4G, 100Mbps internet connection, physically connected to their internal network for three days. Users of the network were unaware of the change and continued to use their devices as normal, business services continued unaffected.